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According to the Hong Kong Security Watch Report issued in Aug 2020 from HKCERT, the number of URLs involved in phishing events rose by 4 times, from 399 in 2020 Q1 to 2017 in this Quarter. Such rise is observed to be caused by COVID-19 outbreak as more people work and spend their leisure time at home. Not to mention the threats of stealthy malware, back doors, data leaks and other security vulnerabilities. The best way to troubleshoot the above is a no-cost Security Checkup service provided by industry expert.

DYXnet has teamed up with Check Point to offer a FREE Security CheckUp and assessment service to customers on a first come first served basis.  At the end of the assessment, we will provide a comprehensive threat analysis report which indicates the following:

  1.  Loss of sensitive data
  2.  Usage of high-risk web applications
  3.  Threats to target your cloud application
  4.  Malicious email and phishing attack to O365 / GSuite
  5.  The number of malware infections\
  6.  Intrusion attempts and bot attacks
  7.  Exposed account and leaked credential
  8.  High-level recommendations to protect your network
Read a sample report to get a preview of the information scope.

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